Zaldi Z950 Endurance saddle
Zaldi Z950 Endurance saddle
Zaldi Z950 Endurance saddle
Zaldi Z950 Endurance saddle
Zaldi Z950 Endurance saddle

Zaldi Z950 Endurance saddle

1,389.26 (ex. VAT)
Ultra lightweight. Carbonfibre tree. Can be customised to rider's specification.
NEW the latest endurance/raid saddle from Zaldi, the Z950. Built on an ultra lightweight carbonfibre tree - as standard in black but can be painted in colours to suit individual preference. The panels are rubber built in a honeycomb form designed to distribute the rider's weight evenly, without creating pressure points. 
The seat is made of a leather and latex combination and there is a choice of seat thickness/comfort. It is possible to buy an alternative seat if the saddle is designed for multipurpose usage so that it can be swapped for example for an extra comfort seat for pleasure riding or an ultra lightweight seat for racing or competition. The seats are easily swapped by the rider and attach with velcro. The base saddle weighs 1.45kgs.
Front rings are fitted for attachment of a breastplate and lightweight stirrup bars are standard, although two position stirrup bars can be supplied as an option at additional cost and at slight additional weight of 160gms. The two position stirrup bar which allows the rider to relax muscles or adjust position depending on terrain can be added easily as this has a velcro attachment bar. Biotane stirrup leathers with leather buckle covers are recommended (200gms), although standard leathers can be used if preferred.
Multiposition biotane girth straps can be selected as an option.
Dimensions :
Seat/tree length 38cms
Panel length 45cms
Leather/rubber seat length 30cms
Standard colours/colour combinations are listed but a customised saddle can be made to the rider's specification - in any colour combination, with contrast colour trim and/or stitching or combination of materials i.e. leather/suede/Z Plus material.
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