Zaldi TM knee blocks

165.29 (ex. VAT)
Zaldi's TM thigh/knee interchangeable thigh/knee pads which can be built into any Zaldi saddle, if ordered prior to saddle manufacture. Easy DIY switch to different sized blocks.
Zaldi's TM thigh/knee blocks and back pads. Available in three sizes and can be added to any new saddle build. The thigh.knee bocks are multi-positionable and the back pads can be easily removed if necessary.
Sizes :
1 - Jumping - block 4cms high, 4.5cms wide and 16cms long
2 - GP - block 4cms high, 6 cms wide and 20cms long
3 - Special - block 3.5cms high, 6cms wide and 14cms long.
The main illustration shows a Ledyard saddle in marron/tostada with jumping blocks fitted.

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