Zaldi Royal-Doma dressage saddle

907.44 (ex. VAT)
A dressage saddle for beginners, a little more forward cut than professional dressage saddles. Inexpensive and good value for money.

This dressage saddle is recommended for riding schools and beginners in dressage as it is a little more forward cut than most professional dressage saddles. New generation Zaldi dressage saddle with 10 year guaranteed shock-absorbing polycarbonate tree. European box-calf leather, latex rubber seat, latex panel. Straight flap. Inside knee roll/pad. Stainless steel stirrup bars.  Long 'dressage' girth straps in V format. Light weight 5.9kgs. Saddle length depends on seat size but for a 16.5" saddle is 46cms.

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