Zaldi Royal Doma deluxe dressage saddle

907.44 (ex. VAT)
A good dressage saddle for inexperienced riders and riding schools. Made in good quality leather with contrast piping. Good value for money.

Similar to Zaldi's Royal-Doma dressage saddle, this dressage saddle is recommended for riding schools and beginners in dressage as it is a little more forward cut than most professional dressage saddles. The deluxe model is made in extra quality leather with piping and coloured stitching (see pictures). It has outside knee pads. New generation Zaldi T+T 10 year guaranteed shock-absorbing polycarbonate tree. European box-calf leather, latex rubber seat, latex panel. Straight flap. Inside knee roll/pad. Stainless steel stirrup bars.  Long 'dressage' girth straps. in V format. Light weight - 6kgs.

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