Zaldi Milenium saddle - dressage

1,595.87 (ex. VAT)
Good quality at a reasonable price. Comfortable for the horse and rider. Latex filled panels.

New generation Zaldi dressage saddle with 10 year guaranteed new generation T+T shock-absorbing polycarbonate tree. Note, this saddle is identical to Zaldi's Platinum dressage saddle with one exception - the panels are filled with rubber latex and they will keep their original shape (Platinum has wool filled panels that will change to fit the horse over time). European box-calf leather, rubber foam seat, latex panel. Deep seat. Straight and wide flap. Wide knee roll. The stainless steel stirrup bars are extended to ensure correct positioning of leathers for good leg position. Long 'dressage' girth straps. Light weight 6.6kgs. Saddle length depends on seat size but for the 16" saddle is approx 46cms.
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