Zaldi jumping saddle - Pinter, in Z-Plus

886.78 (ex. VAT)
Jumping saddle based on the popular Zaldi Star. Light in weight. Made in Zaldi's Z Plus (synthetic suede) fabric, easy care.


A lightweight jumping saddle from Zaldi's new T+T range, based on the Zaldi Star jumping saddle. 10 year guaranteed shock-absorbing polycarbonate tree.  The tree is made from polypropelene modified with EPDM and talc. It possesses the characteristics of rigidity and a great capacity to deform and absorb energy in superficial areas. The mechanics of this material are excellent as it maintains a good mechanical performance in the face of static and dynamic stress. Semi-flat jumping seat. Inside knee pad and short girth straps. Made in Zaldi's Z-plus fabric for easy care and light weight - 4.5kgs, panel length approx 46cms. Straight flap. Stainless steel safety stirrup bars. Discounted delivery.

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