Zaldi endurance and general purpose saddle Montana

1,254.55 (ex. VAT)
Saddle designed for horse and rider comfort during long rides. Can be supplied without the pommel horn request with order. A popular saddle model.

Latest generation endurance saddle from Zaldi. This is basically the same saddle as Zaldi Arab, but in leather rather than Z-Plus material and features the same advanced technology shock-absorbing tree guaranteed 10 years. European selected box-calf leather. Rubber foam seat. Endurance flap. Latex rubber panels. Exterior knee roll/pad. Stainless steel safety stirrup bars. Long girth straps. The Montana saddle weighs approximately 9.7kgs. The length of the panels over the horses back are approximately 62cm and the length/depth of the side panels approximately 69cm. Seat size is 18" (see seat measurement information under ZALDI). Model shown in main picture is black with tostada trim/stitching.  Discounted delivery.

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