Zaldi dressage saddle - New Kent

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A durable and comfortable dressage saddle for beginners or competition. This is one of the best selling dressage saddle in Europe.


Zaldi New Kent saddle. A popular saddle for both beginners and advanced riders. Used for dressage but also very popular as a general purpose saddle for riding in the country. Comfortable for both horse and rider, it has good knee rolls for security, although Zaldi's TM thigh block system can be selected as an option if preferred. Made from a mix of crupon and calfskin leather for comfort and durability. Panels are filled with synthetic and water resistant wool. A short saddle panel length (depending on seat size) is around 46cms but the load bearing panel length i.e. the part that is in contact with the horse's back is around 41cms. Weight 6.4kgs.

Can be supplied in various colours including bicolours.

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