Zaldi Custom Stitching

51.90 (ex. VAT)
Customised decorative stitching on rear cantle of saddle. Option for Zaldi dressage saddles if ordered prior to saddle build.
Zaldi have introduced a new service to enable customers to personalise their dressage saddles. They can make the back of the cantle with personalised stitching to your design - the design can include coloured threads, different colour leather or even a suede insert with stitching - note the picture is just for illustration purposes.
If you wish this to be added to your new saddle then please send your design to us, telling us what colours, etc you wish to have included. We will send this to Zaldi and get straight back to you if any aspect of the design is not possible.
Please note this is only available for new saddle orders it cannot be done in retrospect.
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