Xpand GP girth by Marjoman

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Xpand GP girth from Marjoman. Designed to give the horse freedom of movement and breath.

The new Xpand girth especially designed for general purpose riding which is completely adaptable to the anatomy of the horse, with a proportional distribution of pressure. Suitable for all horses and ponies. Xpand girths give the horse great freedom of breath and chest muscle relaxation, obtained as a result of significantly improved locomotion and its special design allows a perfect adaptation to the conformation of the horse's ribcage and without the tightness often required by traditional girths. A comparative study of girths carried out by Mar de Echevarria Ruiz-Oriol (physiotherapist col.3349) and Patricia Prats Filgueira (veterinary col.6087) with the objective to quantify the influence of girths on the cardio respiratory and muscle metabolism of the horse concluded that in all horses, without exception, the heart rate monitor measurements were much lower when using this type of design for a girth. The Xpand dressage girth is available with a natural sheepskin (popular for European dressage - but needs to be dry-cleaned) protector, or a choice of neoprene or elastotex. There is also available as an option a special 'medicinal' sheepskin which is made in a special process to provide anti-bacterial qualities. In a choice of two lengths and a choice of colours. [elastotex is a type of fabric that is branded as waterproof with "breatheable" fabrics. The fabric features a waterproof, windproof and breatheable membrane that is laminated to fabrics either on its inner surface or sandwiched between two fabric layers (often marketed as "3 layer laminate"). The elastotex membrane is closed (i.e. it has no pores) and can also be referred to as a monolithic membrane. No water can get in from the outside, but water vapour molecules are transported through the membrane from the inside to the outside by way of an absorption and evaporation process. This moisture transfer through the membrane is what is referred to as "breatheability". Buckles and D ring made in stainless steel. 
Marjoman have been for some years the manufacturers of the Equisoft girth and now offer Xpand, the latest generation of easy-breathing girths, hand made in their own workshops.

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