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Western bits. Hackamore bits

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American western bit with copper mouthpiece

Western bit - not a hackamore. Made in stainless steel with copper mouthpiece.

Baroque hackamore bit

Baroque style hackamore with leather nosepiece.

Rosette hackamore bit

Hackamore with rosette design, includes leather nosepiece.

Hackamore with laced leather nosepiece

Hackamore with laced leather nosepiece. Includes chain.

Hackamore with plaited leather nosepiece

Hackamore with plaited leather nosepiece.

Hackamore with short cheeks

Hackamore in silver coloured plated steel with leather nosepiece.

Sprenger Western 'Linda Tellington-Jones ' bit

Tellington Jones bit made by Sprenger. Supplied without curb chain.

Western bit with chrome finish

Western style bit in chromed steel. Supplied without curb chain.

Western bit with medium port - in stainless steel

A Western style bit with medium port made in stainless steel.