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Saddle cloths, saddle drapes (mantas estriberas), gel pads & saddle bags

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Saddle cloth (Mantilla) - Alta Escuela

Quality exhibition saddle cloth, many colour combinations.

€62.40 (ex. VAT)
Saddle drape (Manta Estribera) - Alta Escuela

Quality manta estribera, saddle drape. Used for exhibitions and feria.

€52.07 (ex. VAT)
Zaldi Saddle drape (Manta Estribera) - Royale

Zaldi Royale manta estribera as used for feria and display work in Spain

€19.83 (ex. VAT)
Royal saddle cloth

Zaldi Royale saddle cloth, matching saddle drape and breastplate also available

€28.60 (ex. VAT)
Quilted Mantilla - Alta Escuela

Quilted saddle cloth with ribbon decoration/trim.

€50.50 (ex. VAT)
Saddle cloth for Portuguese saddles

Saddle cloth shaped to fit under traditional Portuguese saddles.

€45.70 (ex. VAT)
Quilted Vaquera numnah, or saddle cloth

Quilted numnah shaped to fit under vaquera saddles. Made in heavy cotton.

€22.81 (ex. VAT)
Portuguese style saddle cloth

Quilted saddle cloth shaped to fit under Portuguese saddles.

€24.79 (ex. VAT)
Vaquera saddle cloth

Thin saddle cloth designed to fit under Vaquera saddle

€29.75 (ex. VAT)
Vaquera saddle numnah or saddle cloth with a sympatex lining

Vaquera saddle cloth with sympatex lining.

€77.69 (ex. VAT)
Side saddle numnah

Quilted saddle cloth especially shaped to fit under sidesaddles.

€32.73 (ex. VAT)
Saddle bags - vaquera style

Saddle bags made in traditional striped vaquera saddle cloth material, fits over the cantle of a vaquera saddle

€64.46 (ex. VAT)
Saddle bags - traditional style

Quality woollen vaquera saddle bags which fit over the cantle of a vaquera saddle.

€95.87 (ex. VAT)
Pure wool saddle drape (manta estribera)

Pure wool manta estribera of saddle drape for vaquera saddles.

€26.86 (ex. VAT)
De luxe wool saddle drape (manta estribera)

Quality pure wool manta estribera or saddle drape for vaquera saddles, featuring pockets for carrying food, phone etc.

€41.74 (ex. VAT)
Saddle drape vaquera (Manta Estribera Vaquera)

Traditional heavy cotton manta estribera, vaquera saddle drape.

€23.80 (ex. VAT)
Saddle drape vaquera (Manta estribera vaquera) with pocket (bolsillo)

Cotton manta estribera, vaquera saddle drape with pockets.

€11.36 (ex. VAT)
PORTUGUESE saddle cloth by Marjoman

Heavy cotton saddle cloth shaped to fit Portuguese saddles. Can be ordered with sympatex lining.

€47.11 (ex. VAT)
Economy wool  Vaquera saddle drape

Economy woollen Vaquera manta estribera

€30.17 (ex. VAT)
Spanish saddle cloth, halter and lead rope set

Kit comprising headcollar, lead rope and saddle cloth in Spanish colours.

€39.67 (ex. VAT)
Portuguese wool saddle cloth

Wool saddle cloth especially shaped to suit Portuguese saddles

€52.48 (ex. VAT)
Vila ENDURANCE numnah

Zaldi's Vila endurance saddle cloth, designed to wick sweat away and help prevent chaffing and pressure points.

€159.01 (ex. VAT)
Olympic dressage saddle cloth

Dressage saddle cloth in polyester/cotton easy care mix.

€39.50 (ex. VAT)
Dry Sec Simponova 'Dressage' saddle cloth

Dry Sec Simponova dressage saddle cloth made from fabric to wick sweat from the horse.

€86.36 (ex. VAT)
Alta Escuela saddle cloth, breastplate and drape kit

Alta Escuela set comprising saddle cloth, breastplate and manta estribera (saddle drape) in various colour choices.

€60.58 (ex. VAT)
Kieffer Flexipad saddle pad

Keifer Flexipad saddle cloth. Adapts to back of horse to help prevent chaffing and pressure points.

€72.73 (ex. VAT)
PORTUGUESE saddle cloth with Sympatex lining

Portuguese saddle cloth in synthetic sheepskin with sympatex lining

€77.69 (ex. VAT)
Equestro endurance saddlecloth

Endurance saddle cloth made from materials to prevent chafing.

€207.44 (ex. VAT)
Sheepskin numnah / saddle cloth for GP saddles

Natural sheepskin and cotton saddle cloth available in three colour choices.

€90.00 (ex. VAT)
Spanish saddle cloth with leather trim

Shaped saddle cloth in heavy duty cotton material with leather trim.

€48.60 (ex. VAT)
Sheepskin with gel pad wither pad

A therapeutic wither pad made from natural sheepskin with gel, can be used alone or with a saddle cloth.

€187.19 (ex. VAT)
Saddle cloth - dressage

Dressage saddle cloth in easy care quilted material. Many colour option s.

€27.44 (ex. VAT)
Saddle cloth - general purpose

General Purpose square type saddle cloth. Easy care material. Many colour choices.

€25.87 (ex. VAT)
Hexagon dressage saddle cloth/gel pad

Hexagon dressage saddle cloth with incorporated gel wither pad. Designed for horse comfort and practicality.

€80.66 (ex. VAT)
Hexagon  GP saddle cloth/gel pad

Hexagon GP saddle cloth with incorporated gel wither pad. Designed for horse comfort and practicality.

€77.27 (ex. VAT)
Saddle cloth - pony

Pony size saddle cloth in easy care quilted fabric. Wide colour choice.

€25.87 (ex. VAT)
Creole saddle cloth

Creole saddle cloth shaped for endurance saddles and made from material that can wick sweat away from the horse.

€75.62 (ex. VAT)
Burioni Western reining saddle cloth

Saddle cloth for Western Reining made from fabric designed to wick moisture from the horse.

€91.74 (ex. VAT)
Chairel / Xairel - Portuguese

Traditional accessory for Portuguese saddles. Used to protect riders jacket from any dust and grease on the horse's back

€60.99 (ex. VAT)
Fox fur Chairel / Xairel - Portuguese

Traditional accessory for Portuguese saddles in fox fur. Used to protect riders jacket from any dust and grease on the horse's back

€194.63 (ex. VAT)
Acavallo Anti Slip saddle cloth

Acavallo ant-slip saddle cloth, double sided. Fits dressage saddles up to 18" seat size.

€123.97 (ex. VAT)
Grupera/Pillion Pad

Grupera/pillion pad for use behind a saddle whilst carrying a "passenger", used in Spanish ferias and exhibitions.

€22.89 (ex. VAT)
Marjoman Aeropad

Saddlepad with memory foam filling for extra comfort. Lightweight, easy care.

€67.77 (ex. VAT)
De-luxe Grupera

Deluxe Grupera made in heavy cotton drill, three colour choices.

€50.25 (ex. VAT)
Reinforced grupera with saddle cantle protection pad

Grupera or pillion pad with reinforced saddle protector

€50.41 (ex. VAT)
Cavallo  withers free pad

Cavallo wither pad deigned to adjust for changes in the horse's conformation. Good for horses with high withers.

€89.92 (ex. VAT)
Eskadron Gel wither Pad

Eskadron gel wither pad. Machine washable.

€75.87 (ex. VAT)
Eskadron Climatex Trapex Pad

Eskadron Climatex saddle pad, helps correct muscle development.

€47.93 (ex. VAT)
Eskadron Pro-Balance pad

Eskadron Pro-Balance pad an easy way to provide comfort for your horse.

€51.65 (ex. VAT)
Memory foam saddle pad

A shock absorbing memory foam saddle pad with neoprene cover.

€38.84 (ex. VAT)
Therapeutic anatomic gel pad

Cavallo gel pad absorbes shock and distributes pressure over the horse's back.

€60.00 (ex. VAT)
Alta Escuela saddle cloth, manta estribera & breastplate - economy range

Economically priced. Good value for money. Matching Spanish Alta Escuela saddle set.

€54.55 (ex. VAT)
Zaldi felt saddle pad

Good quality felted wool saddle pad made by Zaldi to fit individual saddle models.

€54.79 (ex. VAT)
Saddle cloth with natural sheepskin

Quilted cotton saddle cloth with natural sheepskin wither protector.

€95.79 (ex. VAT)
Front saddle bags for Vaquera saddle

Front saddle bags for Vaquera saddles in leather/canvas.

€28.84 (ex. VAT)
Saddlebag - Pools Deluxe

Pools Deluxe saddlebag. Includes water bottles. Several compartments for storage of essential items for trail riding.

€67.27 (ex. VAT)