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Portuguese & Baroque saddles

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Zaldi Portuguese School saddle

Designed by Zaldi in conjunction with the Portuguese School of Riding. Traditional design but using latest technology. Options available to customise specifications when ordering.

Zaldi Portuguese School saddle - semi deep

Designed in conjunction with riders from the Royal Portuguese School. Traditional saddle with flatter seat option than normal dressage seat depth.

Zaldi Portuguesa - Traditional Portuguese saddle

Traditional Portuguesa saddle from Zaldi. Made in top quality leather/suede in a wide choice of colour combinations.

Zaldi Luso Delux saddle

Traditionally styled by Zaldi and particularly suited to the Lusitano horse. Ideal for working equitation. Good rider support with deep seat and exterior knee rolls.

Zaldi Drim Lusitanus saddle

A dressage saddle incorporating Zaldi's TM (thigh block) system, made to look like a traditional Portuguese saddle. Many options to enable a saddle to be made to suit individual specifications.

Zaldi Lusitanus saddle

Traditional style of saddle from Zaldi for the Lusitano horse. Semi deep dressage seat. Popular model.

Zaldi Portuguese Relvas saddle

Traditional design of saddle for the Lusitano horse from Zaldi. Semi deep seat. Beautiful decorative stitching.

Zaldi Portuguese campero Paulo Caetano saddle

Portuguese saddle designed by Zaldi in conjunction with mounted bullfighters. Lightweight, Good security for the rider.

Portuguesa Mixta saddle by Marjoman

Good quality, traditional design from Marjoman. Saddle made to order.

Marjoman Baroque Potrera saddle 'Prince of Persia'

A model originally designed for film use. Definitely has a "look at me" quality.

Potrera Royal saddle

Potrera saddle with decorated stitching on the saddle seat. Made from good quality european leather.

Marjoman leather Potrera saddle

Made by Marjoman using european leather. A traditional Spanish saddle type.

Portuguese Riano Saddle by Marjoman

Baroque saddle made to order by Marjoman using top quality leather and suede. With choice of colour combinations.

Marjoman Portuguesa saddle

A classic Portuguesa saddle made by Marjoman. Traditional design. Many colour options.

Marjoman Napoleonic saddle

Napoleonic saddle recreated by Marjoman. Made from top quality leather. Made to order.

Marjoman suede Potrera saddle

A Potrera saddle from Marjoman, made in quality suede leather.

Ludomar Didier saddle

Saddle based on a traditional Portuguese design. Monoflap or biflap versions available. Features decorative stitching on flaps.

Ludomar Portuguese 'Leziria' saddle

Traditional Portuguese working saddle from Ludomar. Choice of three widths, saddle made to order.

Ludomar Portuguese 'Elvas' saddle

Traditional style of Portuguese saddle, similar to Zaldi's Relvas saddle. Made to order in a choice of three widths.

Ludomar Venus Royale

A saddle based on the Alta Escuela. Have had good feedback on this model.

Chairel / Xairel - Portuguese

Traditional accessory for Portuguese saddles. Used to protect riders jacket from any dust and grease on the horse's back

Fox fur Chairel / Xairel - Portuguese

Traditional accessory for Portuguese saddles in fox fur. Used to protect riders jacket from any dust and grease on the horse's back

Child's saddle pad - saddle adaptor

A child seat that can be strapped to the front of most saddles so that a child can accompany the rider. Includes safety handle for the child.

Spanish IVA - 21% OFF
Name plate for saddles

Engravable metal name plate for attaching to a saddle.

Treeless Espanola type saddle