Marjoman saddles

Marjoman, situated in Salamanca, Spain, are an established saddle, bridle and equestrian product manufacturer. Their saddle range covers most equestrian disciplines such as dressage, jumping etc. but also traditional Spanish, Portuguese and Baroque saddles often used by film makers and others.

Marjoman take pride in selecting the best leather stock they can find and manufacture very good quality products.

Our special arrangement with Marjoman saddles is that they will manufacture for us saddles, bridles and other leather items specifically to suit our customer's requirements wherever possible. Being a smaller company than, for example Zaldi, they cannot produce special items as speedily, however their service and quality is excellent and still reasonably swift.

Marjoman designed and introduced their innovative Xpand girth system and this has become a popular item for many equestrian disciplines. We are able to supply these for all equestrian disciplines.

Viva Iberica are worldwide distributors for Marjoman saddles, bridles and Xpand girths.