Marjoman leather Potrera saddle

1,051.74 (ex. VAT)
Made by Marjoman using european leather. A traditional Spanish saddle type.

 A quality saddle by Marjoman with a flexible 'thermoformable' tree. In 4mm thick leather in a choice of colours. Under panels and flaps (4mm thick) are made from first grade European leather. Comfortable double seat, one layer open pore and one closed pore and the internal seat length is 34/35cm. Flap length is 52cm. Girth straps are long for use with a dressage girth. Traditional stirrup bars - option English safety stirrup bars. Underside of saddle is traditional canvas with leather as an option. Weight is approximately 9 kg. Three width choices. To ensure a good fit Marjoman encourage buyers to send to us a profile of the shape over the horses withers (see our fitting guides). These saddles are hand-made to order. Specially discounted, half price delivery.

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