Kira Klass dressage saddle by Zaldi

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Professional dressage saddle. Many innovations to help horse and rider comfort. Options to personalise saddle build.


A NEW professional dressage saddle made by Zaldi’s senior craftsmen.
Zaldi’s top of the range dressage saddle featuring 15 innovations benefiting both rider and horse, perhaps the most technologically advanced saddle in today’s dressage market.

Shock protection - viscoelastic ‘memory foam’ with 4cms soft silicon. Extra comfortable seat - 3 layers of rubber, 2 layers of ELAX high density silicon and one of latex.
Flexible, durable tree/seat  - new dual density, different densities for horse and rider.
Anatomically designed tree from polypropylene with EPDM & talc.
The dual density tree allows for rigidity, deformation and absorption of energy where needed in different areas, a result of the continued process of Research and Development in conjunction with CIDAUT (Foundation for Research and Development in Transport and Energy).
This tree adjusts completely to the horse's back, benefiting horse and rider. At the bottom of the tree (1.5cms in thickness), the part in contact with the horse’s back, the foam is designed to expand and spread the rider’s weight over the horse, so avoiding pressure points. 10% elasticity allows reverse rotation, giving the horse full freedom of movement.
The product of years of study for the optimum density to distribute weight evenly across the horse’s back, spreading the pressure in a homogeneous way to avoid overloading the dorsal muscle mass, eliminating restrictions on pressure points that could degenerate into mechanical problems and pain for the horse.

  • Incorporating an open structure in the tree to allow full adaption for the back and neck. The top side of the tree optimised (0.5cms thick) for rider comfort, elastic, absorbs shock and allows free passage of the horse’s energy. Durable and resistant in long term use. The weight of the rider at points of contact is spread over the surface providing a feeling of weightlessness without pressure points making riding more enjoyable.
  • New Intelligent panels, with incorporated wither pad. 1cm layer ‘memory foam’ wither pad with moisture resistant wool filling to avoid lumps or voids.
  • Comfortable trim - where saddle and flaps join has been redesigned for comfort and to avoid pressure on the inside thigh when riding.
  • Ergonomic flaps. Helps the rider adjust to an optimum position. Reinforced with an ‘anti sanding’ effect.
  • Made in croupon leather giving greater durability to the saddle.
  • Double sewn girth straps. Reinforced and double stitched with waxed thread for maximum strength.
  • First girth strap is elasticated for easy movement, allowing the horse to breathe freely whilst also releasing pressure on the horse’s back. Second girth strap is in a V configuration to avoid saddle roll and help to release pressure on the shoulder (optional; non-elasticated or two parallel straps if preferred.
  • With a cooling air intake - contains a row of air holes to allow circulation of air which gives correct pressure and support at all times.
  • New anatomically shaped dual density knee roll, providing strength in the upper section and more flexibility in the lower part.
  • Anatomic panels - made in a triangular shape for easy movement of the horse and to adapt to pressure caused by the rider’s weight.
  • Close contact effect. Flaps attached directly to the panels, with 10cm stitching along the entire length to prevent displacement in use.
  • Long Sprenger stirrup bars, at 45°, so hindering foot slippage from the stirrup. Top quality stirrup bars with Sprenger guarantee.
Made to measure specifically for you, so you can choose:
  • Tree width;  9 sizes, extra narrow to extra wide.
  • Seat size; from 16” to 19”
  • Stirrup bar; long or short (varies leg position)
  • Seat; material and thickness.
  • Flaps; choice of leather, thickness comfort or durability.
  • Gullet width; 5, 7, 9 or 11mm.
  • Panels; long or short
  • Knee rolls; large, medium or small.
  • Girth straps; choice of - first strap elasticated, or not, inside or outside panel, ‘V’ configuration or 2 straps parallel.
  • Leather colour choice, or bicolour.

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