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Sombrero 'Cordobes' Wool

Authentic and good quality Spanish sombrero made from felted wool.

Sombrero 'Cordobes' Dralon

Traditional model of Spanish sombrero but made in dralon rather than traditional materials. Cool in summer and keeps its shape in damp conditions.

Sombrero Canero Rabbit hair

Premium quality Spanish sombrero made from rabbit hair.

Economy Spanish Sombrero

Economy Spanish sombrero in grey or black felted wool.

Sombrero Panama

Traditional Spanish panama sombrero, made in fine natural straw for summer use.


Sombrero Catite, as used by the Real Escuela del Arte Equestre in Jerez


Traditional Spanish Calanes sombrero, for used when riding Alta Escuela

Sombrero holder / press

Sombrero hat holder helps keep hat brim flat and hat can be hung up by hook at top of the holder.