Hand made 'Closed' polainas - Tercera Cerrada

266.94 (ex. VAT)
Hand made Spanish polainas - closed type, second quality. Quality is determined by amount of decoration.

The traditional Spanish polaina, or half chap, in repujada style. Hand made using first quality oiled leather. 'Closed' means the leather fastenings close the polaina from top to bottom. Traditional leather looped fastening. Leather strips. Available in brown leather. These half chaps, or polainas, are classified by the measure of the ornamentation and carving work that they contain. Therefore Primera has the most, Segunda the second most and Tercera the third most ornamentation and carving. This is type Tercera, i.e. the third most ornamentation/carving and is of the 'closed' type available in sizes; S, L, XL and XXL - see size chart at end of section for more detail Please remember to measure for polainas over any breeches or riding trousers you may use.

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