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Espanola, Classica & Alta Escuela saddles

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Zaldi Altras saddle

An Alta Escuela saddle designed in conjunction with riders from the Real Escuela de Arte Equestre in Jerez. A dressage saddle with the appearance of a traditional Spanish saddle.

Zaldi New-Trades (Alta Escuela) saddle

A dressage saddle with the appearance of a traditional Spanish saddle. Can be used by beginners or experienced riders for dressage and also for riding in the country.

Zaldi Traditional Espanola saddle

Traditional Spanish design, although not now seen as often as the Alta Escuela types have largely superseded this model

Zaldi Alta Escuela saddle

A very popular model from Zaldi. Based on a traditional Spanish design but updated. More like a dressage saddle. Comfortable .

Zaldi Real Escuela (Royal School) saddle

A Zaldi saddle as used by riders from the Royal School of Equestrian Art in Jerez. Based on the Alta Escuela but with dressage flaps and interior knee roll.

Zaldi Ronda saddle

A very popular model from Zaldi. Designed to look like a traditional Spanish saddle but updated in materials . Comfortable for the rider. Suits short backed horses.

Zaldi Potrera Spanish saddle

A traditional Spanish design. Originally used at the start of training of Vaquera horses. Similar to the Espanola.

Zaldi traditional Mixta Campera saddle

A traditional Spanish saddle design. Used originally at the beginning of training a horse for vaquera or high school work. High pommel and cantle gives rider security.

Traditional Menorquina saddle by Zaldi

A traditional Menorquian saddle design. Originally used by riders in Menorca when taking part in the San Juan festivals and the high cantle gives support when performing levade etc.

Zaldi Cazuela saddle

A traditional Spanish saddle style, again based on the Espanola. Originally designed for initiation into Doma Vaquera.

Traditional French Carmargue saddle by Zaldi

A traditional French design of saddle, as used by riders in the Carmargue region.

Traditional Italian Maremmano saddle by Zaldi

A traditional Italian design of saddle. Used by riders working horses and cattle in the Maresma region.

Marjoman leather Potrera saddle

Made by Marjoman using european leather. A traditional Spanish saddle type.

Marjoman new Spanish saddle

Saddle from Marjoman based on a traditional Espanola but with updated design.

Potrera Royal saddle by Marjoman

This is the top model in Marjoman's range of Potrera saddles, designed for dressage or High School riding.

Marjoman suede Potrera saddle

A Potrera saddle from Marjoman, made in quality suede leather.

Potrera Royal saddle

Potrera saddle with decorated stitching on the saddle seat. Made from good quality european leather.

Potrera Classic with deep seat - Marjoman

A quality saddle from Marjoman with deep dressage seat. To traditional Spanish potrera design.

Marjoman Baroque Potrera saddle 'Prince of Persia'

A model originally designed for film use. Definitely has a "look at me" quality.

Potrera tandem saddle by Marjoman

Tandem saddle designed for an adult riding with a child. Gives security and comfort. Mini stirrups and stirrup leathers for the child are included.

Tandem Vaquera adult/child saddle by Marjoman

A tandem vaquera saddle. Extra long to accommodate adult rider with child. Care needed to ensure it is not too long for your horse.

Alta Escuela saddle by Ludomar

Good value for money and a popular model. However only available in three widths.

Alta Escuela 'Ronda' Saddle by Ludomar

Based on the Ludomar Alta Escuela saddle but shorter in length. Good for short backed horses.

Ludomar Potrera saddle

Ludomar saddle based on the traditional Espanola Spanish design. Made to order.

Espanola saddle by Ludomar

A traditional model of Spanish saddle, however not largely superseded by the Alta Escuela types.

Ludomar Venus Royale

A saddle based on the Alta Escuela. Have had good feedback on this model.

Ludomar Venus saddle

Base model Ludomar Venus saddle. Available in monoflap or biflap versions. Fixed or flex tree.

Spanish Clasica saddle by Ludomar

Ludomar Spanish type saddle. Similar to the Potrera. Made to order.

Alta Escuela saddle cloth, manta estribera & breastplate - economy range

Economically priced. Good value for money. Matching Spanish Alta Escuela saddle set.

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