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The Spanish Horse in drawings by Juan Llamas

The Spanish Horse in Drawings by Juan Llamas. Bi-lingual - English/Spanish, limited availability.

History of the Carthusian horse - Historia de los caballos cartujanos - Juan Carlos Altamirano

Juan Carlos Altamirano's book depicting the History of the Carthusian Horse

The Bocado Stud - La Yeguada del Bocado by Juan Carlos Altamira

The history of the famous Bocado stud by Juan Carlos Altamirano. Bilingual in Spanish/English. Well illustrated.

The Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art by Juan Carlos Altamira

Real Escuela Andaluza del Arte Ecuestre - The Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art, a book by one of the world's leading authorities on the Spanish horse, Juan Carlos Altamirano.

The Royal Stables of Cordoba by Juan Carlos Altamirano

The Royal Stables of Cordoba by Juan Carlos Altamirano - bilingual in Spanish & English

The Spanish Horse with the Bourbon Kings by Juan Carlos Altamira

The Spanish Horse under the Bourbon Kings by Juan Carlos Altamirano. Bilingual in Spanish & English. Well illustrated

Carriages, Tack and Harness from Andalucia - Luis Rivero Merry

Carriages, harness and tack from Andalusia, bilingual in Spanish & English by former president of the Spanish National Driving Association Luis Rivero Merry

La Doma Vaquera Actual - Doma Vaquera, by Luan Llamas Perdido

La Doma Vaquera Actual - This book covers all aspects of Doma Vaquera,, written by Juan Llamas. In Spanish.

Metodo de Doma de Campo y Rejoneo - Gregorio Moreno Pidal

Paperback volume explaining the work and riding of the vaquero in the country. In Spanish.

The History of the Horse Mounted Bullfight - La Historia Insolita del Toreo a Caballo, by Luis Nieto

A book covering the history of the rejoneo/horse mounted bullfight - in Spanish

Omnia Equi: Horses and Riders of Spain from Medieval to Modern, by Francisco Rivas

Book written in Spanish by Francisco Rivas. Spanish riders and horses from medieval to modern times.

In Search of the Arabian Horse, by Andrew K. Steen

English edition of Luis Azpeitia de Moro's account of the Cria Caballar's search for classic arab horses for breeding

Al Kamsa Journey to Najd, by Andrew K. Steen

Andrew Steen's classic study of the arab horse.

The Man who bred Skowronek, by Andrew K. Steen

Classic work by Andrew Steen informing of the breeders of some of the great Polish arab horses.

Tails and Manes

Paperback book explaining care of manes and tails and different plaiting techniques. In Spanish with many illustrations.

The Spanish Horse - The Living Legend - Juan Carlos Altimirano

The Spanish Horse, The Living Legend by Juan Carlos Altamirano. Bilingual in Spanish and English. Many photographs.

Book - Fundamentos de la Equitacion

Fundamentals of Equitation by Elwyn Hartley Edwards, Spanish edition. New but reduced as slightly shop soiled.