De Gogue set

19.83 (ex. VAT)
Leather De Gogue training set. Black or brown leather.

 This is a leather De Gogue set. The De Gogue is an adaptation of the Chambon which can be used when riding, but the line carries on through the bit rings and attaches to the belly again, forming a triangle. It is not safe to jump in. Available in either black or brown leather. The De Gogue is a training device that encourages the horse to work in self carriage and has two settings one for lunging and another for ridden work.The De Gogue was invented by Frenchman Rene De Gogue. It is used to encourage correct muscle development and to ask for self carriage by encouraging the horse to use his muscles correctly and to release tension from the head, poll and neck. The De Gogue applies pressure to the poll, corners, bars and the tongue. The De Gogue comes in to action if the horse shows resistance, not when working in a correct outline.

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