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Breastplates, Cruppers, Martingales (pechopetrales/baticolas/martingalas)

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Vaquera breastplate 'Trapio' by Ludomar

Ludomar breastplate, part of their Trapio collection to match Trapio saddle.

Spanish 'Repujada' style ornamented breastplate, by Marjoman

A quality repujada styled breastplate from Marjoman, various colour options.

Zaldi breastplate Royale

Quality Alta Escuela breastplate in tan leather with coloured covering to match Royale saddle drape (manta estribera)

Artesano T+T  Vaquetilla breastplate

Artesano T+T vaquetilla breastplate from Zaldi, traditional style in quality havana leather

De luxe Vaquera breastplate

De luxe vaquera breastplate from Zaldi, traditional style in three colour choices

De luxe Vaquetilla breastplate

De luxe vaquetilla breastplate from Zaldi, traditional style in five colour choices

De luxe Vaquetilla breastplate English buckles

De luxe vaquetilla breastplate from Zaldi with stainless steel fittings five colour choices, full size.

Rocio  Vaquetilla breastplate

Rocio, economy vaquetilla breastplate from Zaldi, traditional style. Full or pony size.

Economy Vaquetilla breastplate

Economy English style "Y" shape breastplate, full, cob or pony sizes.

De luxe Portuguese working  breastplate

De-luxe Portuguese working breastplate with squared metal buckles.

Deluxe Portuguese cortesia breastplate

Top quality Portuguese Cortesia style breastplate with plated buckles - full size

Portuguese breastplate

Economy leather Cortesia style breastplate with plated buckles - full or cob sizes.

Vaquera Repujada breastplate by Ludomar

Leather breastplate made by Ludomar in repujada style, full size only.

Alta Escuela coloured breastplate

A quality Alta Escuela style breastplate made in leather with fabric cover. Saddle cloths available to match.

Ludomar Alta Escuela leather breastplate

High quality leather breastplate from Ludomar in Alta Escuela style with brassed buckles.

Portuguese breastplate style 'Recto', with square buckles

Portuguese working style breastplate with square type buckles.

Portuguese breastplate 'Rameada' style

Portuguese Rameada style breastplate in leather with ornamented buckles, full size only.

Menorquian or Menorquin breastplate

Menorquian breastplate in quality leather with metal decorations. Menorquian or Baroque type use.

Escola Portuguese breastplate

Zaldi breastplate made to the design used at the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art, full size only.

Sheepskin covered breastplate

Economy vaquera breastplate with synthetic sheepskin cover, full size only

Biotane running martingale

Bioten running martingale to attach to bridle and breastplate from Zaldi's endurance range.

Bioten endurance breastplate

Bioten endurance breastplate for use with Zaldi bioten martingale and bridle.

Zaldi biotane breastplate with martingale

Zaldi bioten endurance breastplate with matching but removeable martingale.

Deluxe sheepskin covered breastplate

De-luxe Vaquera breastplate in leather with real sheepskin cover (cream)

Leather running martingale

Leather running martingale with chromed buckles. Full size only.

Leather breastplate with 'English' style buckles

Premium quality leather breastplate from Marjoman

De luxe Spanish martingale

A quality leather standing martingale from Zaldi with black Spanish style buckles.

Spanish martingale

Economy leather standing martingale with Spanish black steel oiled buckles

Leather Western breastplate
Economy Vaquera repujada breastplate

Economy vaquera breastplate in repujada style. Full size, 3 colour options.

De luxe Western breastplate & martingale
Western 'Arizona' breastplate

Tooled leather Western style breastplate in Arizona style. Full size only.

Economy nylon breastplate with lining

Economy nylon breastplate with synthetic sheepskin lining. Full or Cob size.

Western breastplate

Economy Western breastplate in leather with decorative trim. Full size

De-luxe leather crupper

De-luxe leather crupper from Zaldi, top quality leather in various colour options.

De-luxe leather Vaquera crupper

De-luxe Vaquera crupper from Zaldi in top quality leather.

De-luxe Portuguese crupper

De-luxe Portuguese media cortesia style crupper from Zaldi, leather with metal decoration.

Economy leather crupper

Economy leather crupper with plated buckles.

Economy Vaquera crupper

Economy leather Vaquera crupper with single point fixing.

Ludomar 'Alta Escuela' crupper - baticola

Quality Alta Escuela style crupper from Ludomar in tan or black leather.

Portuguese crupper with square buckle

Portuguese working crupper with square type buckles in quality leather made by Ludomar

Portuguese Leather crupper

Economy Portuguese media cortesia crupper in leather with plated fittings.

Economy Spanish repujada crupper

Economy leather crupper in Spanish repujada style with with decoration.

Vaquera crupper style Trapio - by Ludomar

Quality vaquera crupper from Ludomar as part of their Trapio vaquera equipment range

Chairel / Xairel - Portuguese

Traditional accessory for Portuguese saddles. Used to protect riders jacket from any dust and grease on the horse's back

Fox fur Chairel / Xairel - Portuguese

Traditional accessory for Portuguese saddles in fox fur. Used to protect riders jacket from any dust and grease on the horse's back