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Saddles, tack and equestrian clothing for dressage, Spanish, Portuguese, doma vaquera, endurance, jumping, showing and in-hand. Saddles for the disabled - hipotherapy.



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Bespoke Saddles

A perfect saddle made just for you and your horse

Viva Iberica and Zaldi saddles are working together to provide a world class product with an unbeatable personal choice and fast service.

  • A high tech lightweight saddle with seat and flaps just to suit you and your choice of colours, trim, seat depth and padding – and for your horse; the width, length and gullet space to be comfortable.

  • Dressage, Spanish, Portuguese, Baroque, endurance or jumping saddles made just for you and your horse.

  • Made by craftsmen backed by a company with more than 100 years’ experience and reputation.

  • Can be made in an astounding 7 working days and delivered to your door by FedEx Express or Correos.

  • Delivery is free of charge to UK and to most of Europe for most saddles and accompanying tack.

Your choices on MOST saddles are incredible . . .

  • Seat Length and width.

  • Gullet width.

  • Seat depth; fairly flat, semi-deep and deep. Choice available on most saddles.

  • Single or double seat padding.

  • Elasticated 1st girth strap.

  • Panel length can be shortened for smaller riders on some saddles.

  • Anatomic panel (extra shoulder movement on horses with a big movement).

  • Colour - single, bi-colour or even tri-colour

  • Self-colour or contrast stitching and/or piping.

  • Buckle type/style and colour.

  • Material; leather or suede or a combination.  Or the hi-tech Z-Plus  material (with a huge colour range).

  • Stirrup bar position and on Vaquera saddles a choice of traditional or modern safety type.

  • Knee-roll and/or panel length options on some saddles.

  • Thigh blocks rather than knee-rolls.

  • New TM System - a completely adjustable thigh-block system to fit you and your riding style.

  • Panel stuffing options.

Assistance in ordering the correct size & fit
 We have successfully sold thousands of correctly fitting saddles to our customers worldwide 
 and help as best we can to ensure you are able order the correct size and fit for your horse.
 To assist, we offer free of charge a saddle fitting gauge which you can order from us and use
 in conjunction with our comprehensive saddle sizing and fitting guide.

The range

  • Dressage

  • Endurance

  • Spanish

  • Alta Escuela

  • Vaquera

  • Portuguese

  • Baroque

  • Jumping

  • Horseball

  • Side saddle

  • Saddles for the disabled

  • General Purpose

There are usually no extra charges for making your individual choices

  • The saddle will come to you at the same price as a standard ‘off-the-shelf’ model, except for just a few of the extras, such as the Anatomic panel or double seat padding, and there is an extra charge for the 19” seat.


 FEDEX Express for the fastest service direct to your door, or by Correos. 

Delivery Charges

 Most saddles are delivered free of charge to UK and most of Europe.
 Approximately half price (we pay the other half) to USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
 Delivered at cost price to the rest of the world.


 - Seat sizes from 16” to 19”
 - Tree widths from 28cm to 34cm
 - Gullet widths from 5cm to more than 9cm.
 - Extra wide saddles can also be specially made on some models
Most Zaldi saddles are width adjustable.
 We are authorised by Zaldi and have the equipment to adjust the width of your saddle tree  
 (most models) should this be required - a money saver if you change your horse or should 
 he/she require a narrower or wider tree form with age or work.
 This service is free charge from either our UK office or our Spanish distribution centre for saddles purchased from us. If you bought a Zaldi saddle elsewhere and need it altered we still offer this service at a small charge.

 Because ZALDI offer this unique and exceptionally fast made-to-measure service does not
 mean that quality is affected - your special saddle will still be made by the same craftsmen
 and with the same careful selection of the best materials as any other saddle made in their
 Salamanca workshops and naturally it will carry the same guarantee.


 Anatomic Panels
 For horses with a ‘big’ movement and/or large shoulders – the anatomic panel gives greater 
 freedom to the shoulder.

Optional elasticated 1st girth strap
 ‘V’ design second strap
Wide colour choice
 - Single colour
 - Bi-colour
 - Tri-colour

European leather
 Best European leather. Made by master craftsmen base on more than 100 years of tradition.