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About Us

Yeguada Iberica, which translated means Iberian Stud, was established by Richard and Sue Lust in the early 1980’s in Eastern Spain and their tack shop, Viva Iberica was formed in 1987, when they began selling Spanish and Portuguese tack and riding clothing. In 1991 the stud and tack business was moved to the UK and the Viva Iberica tack shop was opened in Bedfordshire, UK.

LATEST NEWS   After 31 years in the equestrian trade Richard and Sue have converted Viva Iberica into a limited company in Spain, with the view to expanding the business and product range. So in November 2018 Viva Iberica became Viva Iberica en Linea S.L. (i.e. Viva Iberica Online Ltd).
Here's some background information on how we started and our involvement in the Spanish equestrian world . . .

In 1987 we began developing working relationships with Iberian saddle and equestrian equipment manufacturers and 'Viva Iberica' became the first UK stockist for the Spanish saddle maker Zaldi, now their main online outlet and a major worldwide distributor. Distribution agreements were also formed with other manufacturers including Marjoman and Ludomar.
During this period we were deeply involved in the Spanish horse and riding scene and training with champion vaquera and Alta Escuela riders. Friends, such as the equestrian photographer and Doma Vaquera aficionado Rafael Lemos, introduced us to the traditional culture and riding of Spain, not just Doma Vaquera but la Garrocha, Acoso y Derribo and much more. Others, such as Juan Llamas, passed on their knowledge and it was from people like this that we gained the know-how to produce the ‘Spanish Tack and Riding Clothing Guide’, which to this day is regularly updated and referred to throughout the world, having been endorsed as wholly accurate and an authority for correct and traditional values in the various disciplines of Spanish equitation.
In 2003 we relocated Yeguada Iberica (Iberian Stud) along with the Viva Iberica tack shop, and the webshop, to Finca Iberica in southern Castilla la Mancha. The move allowed us to improve the webshop by benefiting from direct and efficient access to suppliers in order to provide a faster service and larger range of goods, expanded to include over 900 saddle options for dressage, endurance, Spanish, Portuguese, Baroque, jumping, horseball, special saddles for the disabled and a wide range of other equestrian equipment.
Viva Iberica's long and productive working relationship with Zaldi has resulted in an exceptional arrangement where saddles can be made to order, to customer’s specific requirements, and usually within just 7 working days from order. This efficient manufacturer/supplier arrangement combines the ultimate in customer choice backed up by a fast delivery (free to the UK and most of Europe) through FedEx or Correos, and with subsidised delivery to many parts of the world.

Viva Iberica can therefore supply quality saddles made with the latest developments in technology, advise on and supply authentic traditional tack and costume ,while offering a new generation of saddles traditional in appearance yet made from modern lightweight materials.

Using Zaldi's saddle sizing gauge that Viva Iberica make available free of charge, plus the comprehensive fitting and sizing guide, we have successfully supplied correctly fitting saddles all over the world for many years, backed up by a free of charge width adjustment service.
Sue and Richard have taken training and judging courses in Spain for the PRE horse. Richard introduced Doma Vaquera riding to the UK and founded the first UK Doma Vaquera Association with the exclusive support of the Asociacion Nacional de Doma Vaquera (Spanish National Doma Vaquera Association) and is currently an international delegate. We introduced the first Cobra of mares to the UK and demonstrated Cobras of 3 or 5 mares while riding one of the stud’s stallions at the many exhibitions by Yeguada Iberica at County and other shows throughout the UK.
Complementing the webshop, Yeguada Iberica's talented PRE and Lusitano horses have been trained in various disciplines. An example would be the pair of PRE stallions, Malabar and Kan VIII who finished 2nd overall in the international driving competition at Royal Windsor Horse Show only 11 weeks after being introduced to harness. After numerous first places, D. Luis Rivero Merry, President of the Driving Association of Spain printed in Spain’s national driving association magazine;  “Yeguada Iberica's Malabar and Kan VIII were the most successful driven pair of PRE’s in the UK of this (20th) century.